Jack Morrocco Exhibition May 2015

This exhibition includes superb new works of Venice, Paris and Jack’s favoured old town locations along the Côte d’Azur, all offset beautifully against a selection of outstanding still life studies.

Scottish art has always had its own distinctive style with a cosmopolitan approach to European influence, yet largely inspired by its own rich artistic legacy and heritage. This combination of traditional values and an appetite for the modern, has become central to the work of generations of celebrated Scottish painters.

Jack Morrocco, perhaps more than any of his immediate contemporaries, seems to have embraced the extraordinary variety of inspiration inherent within Scotland, and whilst remaining true to a proud national lineage, he has developed a powerful and effective distillation of his own. His creative output over recent years has produced an impressive body of work, which has rightly gained him a reputation as one of Scotland’s pre-eminent painters.

Jack’s work is widely collected internationally, and represented within a number of major collections in the UK, and private collections worldwide. He has staged three highly successful previous exhibitions with our gallery, and has shown with prestigious galleries throughout the UK, and in France and the USA.


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