Casimiro Perez

Casimiro Pérez was born in Alcoy (Alicante) in 1959. It was here that he first studied painting at the School of Fine Arts before moving to Valencia. Whilst living in Valencia he paid frequent visits to the coast and soon discovered his love of marine subjects.

Taking inspiration from the coast, cold tones dominate many of the artist’s paintings. However within these works warmer splashes of tone applied in sculptural form offer a pleasing variety. From earlier works this coastal inspiration is certainly evident with bright marinas gleaning through to the viewer.

Despite his age, Casimiro Pérez is still studying at the University of Valencia. With an attitude to continuous self-learning, the artist is ever faithful in seeking to improve his artistic skills. He is now toying with newer tendencies, nodding towards the modern market with abstract sculptural paintings.

On his first steps as an artist Casimiro created exhibitions in cultural centres, banks and official institutions. He has frequently collaborated in group exhibitions across Spain and has held solo exhibitions, the first of which was in 1981.

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