Gisella Ueberall

Born in 1955 in Bünde in the Leer district of Lower Saxony, Germany, Gisela has painted professionally for over 30 years and her works have been widely exhibited in Germany where she is well collected.

Drawing her primary inspiration from the elemental and primitive essence of nature, Gisela’s work creates textural and sculptural surfaces balanced with a skillfully harmonised palette which delights in the abstraction of natural forms while retaining a sense of the ethereal.

She has exhibited in UK, Hungary, Belgium, France, Japan, Cyprus, Canada and USA.

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Gisella Ueberall_Evolution X_23.5x47_950
23.75 x 47 inches
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Gisella Ueberall_Evolution XI_Mixed Media_31.5x63_1500
31.5 x 63 inches
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Gisela Ueberall_Evolution V_31x31
31 x 31 inches
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