Jonathan Mitchell

Throughout these past three decades Jonathan has been developing his distinctive technique which he characterises as “painterly realism”, endeavouring to create art works which are both detailed and atmospheric, and which capture the essence of the place.  His inspiration has been derived primarily from rural locations near to his Angus home, and throughout Scotland. More recently, extended trips to France and to Madeira have resulted in him forging an equally intimate relationship with these areas.

His paintings can be found in private and corporate collections throughout the UK and Internationally.

Technique – An Insight

A glance at Jonathan Mitchell`s work since 1990 reveals his preoccupation with the depiction of light. His bold compositions often feature an unusual contre-jour lighting perspective where the viewpoint looks straight into the sun, generating heightened tonal contrasts and long cast shadows which enable the artist to describe the forms, structures and textures of the landscape.

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