Kirsty Joanna Doig

“I live in Angus, at the foot of the Angus Glens, near where I was born. I graduated in 2000 at Duncan of Jordanstone, Dundee, where I have successfully enjoyed and continued my artistic career in sculpture, here and abroad. During these years I have been exploring my work in many avenues but always relating to the essence of who we are.

My work focuses on the soul and its true interconnective nature. It is my firm belief that all animals are sentient beings. I love to express soul, emotion and personality through my sculptures. I feel that it is important to show expression in animals, as we see them in our homes and in nature with these attributes. My animal sculptures are created for the viewer to feel a connection, as one naturally feels a connection with nature and animals.

All of my sculptures are unique and individually created. I love to sculpt outside in nature when I can. I use no moulds or wires, all of which I believe gives my art its vitality and essence.

I create my bronze finishes similar to bronze resin patinas. Instead of taking my work to the foundry, where they make multiple copies and finish them with aged patinas, I do them myself. I think it is important to create individual pieces of art, from start to finish”

Kirsty J Doig

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