R&B Ceramics

Carol Reid & Richard Ballantyne have been collaborating since 2013, producing sculptural animals which are raku fired.

Each piece is unique and a collaborative effort from the original idea to the sculpture on the plinth.

Raku is an ancient firing technique. The word is Japanese in origin and can be loosely translated as “enjoyment”. The pieces are bisque fired (the initial firing in an electric kiln) and then glazed. They are next placed in another kiln outside, which is fired using Calor gas up to 1000 C. They are removed from the kiln at that temperature and allowed to cool a little, during which time the glazes crackle. The pieces are next placed in tubs of sawdust and the flames and smoke penetrate the crackles. The resulting effects are unpredictable and can be amazing! Nothing is ever the same twice so each piece is unique.

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