Ruby Rae

Ruby Rae was born in Killin in 1968 and always had a love of creating art from discarded objects. In primary school she once made a cuckoo clock from old cardboard boxes. This was displayed in the Deputy Head Mistress’s office. Something that she was never to see again!

Her love of creating stayed with her to adulthood and in the last 10 years has she found her footing and ultimate love for assemblage and mixed media art.

“I have a real fascination with discarded objects. For some reason they sing to me and longed to be given new life”

“There is a part of me fixated with time, life and death. I feel that I somehow suspend the objects I use in a time capsule, which is why I choose to frame all my work in box styled frames. It gives a curio feel and I like the idea of people peering in”

Her influences include Joseph Cornell, Liz McGrath, Terry Taylor & Michael De Meng, to name but a few.

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