Callum Webster

What’s in a Name? A street history of Monifieth



“What’s in a Name?” tells the story behind every street name in Monifieth.

Illustrated with vintage photographs and drawings by local artist, the late Colin Gibson, the book recalls the landmarks, factories, mansions, shops, and churches that featured in local life.

Profits from the book are being donated to the Friends of Dundee City Archives.

“What’s in a Name?” reveals some of the characters who have lived in Monifieth, including:
• the girl who became a housemaid in Downing Street
• three men who became golf professionals in the USA
• two former residents who were elected as Labour MPs
• the man appointed Assistant Commissioner of the Sudanese Police
• a local thief deported to Australia for stealing a bed sheet
• the man appointed Chief Geologist to the Atomic Energy Commission

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74 left