Lisa Marsella Jewellery


Hand painted jewellery – Handmade in Scotland

Lisa’s colourful pieces are creative and stimulating; reflecting her artistic flair and passion for colour.  Each piece is hand made in her Glasgow based studio.

Lisa works with anodised aluminium which allows her to create original, vibrant, colourful pieces of hand made jewellery.  She uses many painting, dying, forming and texturing techniques throughout her collections which range from bold abstract prints to subtle self coloured pieces.  Each piece is hand painted and one of a kind.

Lisa paints unsealed anodised aluminium with specialist aluminium inks, she then submerges the metal in a dye bath to create interesting variations of colours and prints.  The metal is finally steamed which permanently seals the colour.   All designs are pierced, formed, filed and polished by hand for a beautiful finish.

All chains, earring hooks and studs are Sterling Silver.  Pendants are supplied on an 18″ Sterling Silver chain and all jewellery is supplied in a branded box.

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