Timmy Mallett

Timmy Mallett is instantly recognisable to a generation familiar with his flamboyant TV persona but the creative ability of this popular children’s entertainer is not limited to his performances in front of the television camera.

“Dundee is often described as the home of the 3 J’s. Jam, Jute and journalism. It’s also a jewel in eastern Scotland for art, inspiration and warm welcomes.
It’s no coincidence that Dundee was nominated for Britain’s city of culture. 10 years ago the city was dramatically different and the spectacular transformation is happening apace.

These images come from regular visits to the area as well as my frequent travels around the UK and my observation of our industry, architecture, geography and climate as well as the cultural truths we hold dear.

Whether it’s treats like soor plooms, white pudding and irn bru, or the forests after the rain, bluebells and poppy fields; my cycle rides through Fife and trips to Dundee and Angus remind me that these are a very special part of these islands and I treasure every day I spend here.”

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