Timmy Mallett is instantly recognisable to a generation familiar with his flamboyant TV persona but the creative ability of this popular children’s entertainer is not limited to his performances in front of the television camera.

From an early age, Timmy was inspired by art and a love of painting, and this led to him studying History of Art as part of his degree at Warwick University.

Timmy paints mainly in oils, acrylics or pastels and his subjects are often directly inspired by the people and places that he experiences in his travels throughout the UK and abroad.

Timmy’s art often seems to mirror his personality – at times unashamedly nostalgic and reminiscent of a rose-tinted world of childhood innocence and happiness, or contrastingly confident, bold and contemporary.

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Bluebell Sunbeam Image 11 x 9
9 x 11 inches
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